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open creates space for defining the future together. With an open mindset. With a combination of talent and expertise. With a new way of collaboration among companies, industries and disciplines. For creative and innovative solutions centred around digitalisation, brand leadership and communication. Welcome to the open team.

We are OPEN


Curious: We enjoy treading new paths and are open to new territories. At the same time, we take the risk that not everything may pan out. But it’s better to try once too many than not enough.


Responsible: Freedom also means being responsible. We treat each task as if it were our own baby and get the ball rolling.


Stronger together: Not just the individual person counts, but all of society. Whenever we do something together with our competitors, offering different skills and talent, we deliver a better result.


Transparent: If we can do something particularly well, or have good knowledge of something, we share it within the team. We’re not shy about asking questions. And listen carefully. Because listening is the first step towards truly understanding others.


Diverse: We live diversity. Many different people and their views are better than just reproducing the same stuff time and time again. A balance of genders, internationalism and interdisciplinary ways of working are important to us.


Flexible: We work where and when it makes the most sense for us. Of course, we have to communicate with one another and be committed to certain “obligatory meetings”, but we define our own timetable.


Disciplined: Our discipline gives the objective and the process the respect they deserve. We treat our resources responsibly, and aim to uphold our joint plans. Exceptions prove the rule.


Fair: We also do not always agree and get into heated discussions. But at all times, it is about the issue at hand. We respect and appreciate each other – and show this too.


Agile: Thanks to our agility and our skills to adapt, we create true added value for our customers, making the impossible possible and projects future-proof.

Giving curiosity space

We are all different. And should be different. Because this is the only way we can deliver more. Which is why there is less “must” with us, and all the more “can”. Passion, curiosity and tolerance are part of this. Just as much as yoga, organic maté and various agency dogs. And, of course, lots of fun.

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A team of many

No one can do everything. And they don’t have to. Because we put together the best teams for the task. This means specialists from strategy, creation and technology come together who perfectly complement each other and realise the project with their know-how and passion.


  • Brand Strategy
  • Purpose Development
  • Business Innovation
  • Digital Business Transformation
  • E-Commerce Strategy
  • Communication Strategy | Channel Planning
  • Social Media Strategy


  • Campaigning | Storytelling
  • Content Development | Social Media
  • Corporate Identity | Corporate Design
  • Website | UX Design
  • Game Development
  • Asset Deployment
  • Text | Editorial
  • Video | Animation


  • Software Development
  • Web & Enterprise Content Management
  • System-, Platform- & Technology Consulting
  • Quality Testing & Application Management
  • Hosting & Cloud Services
  • Trainings & Enabling
  • Data Analytics
  • Performance Marketing
  • Marketing Automation
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We love what we do. And not just since yesterday, but for 20 years now. We were one of the first to rely on open-source technologies such as PHP3, MySQL and Linux. With the aim to create flexible, future-proof and fair technical solutions. We are familiar with and use various state-of-the-art technologies. And what if something doesn’t exist yet? We develop it!

United power from many worlds

open is the brand of Interlutions and Shanghai.Berlin. Together, we create stories for digital products and services, and tell new stories using innovative technology. To achieve this, we rely on tailored teams, collaboration and co-creation. An approach which takes the success story of the open-source movement to a new level. With the aim of cultivating relationships over the long term, and of making the world a bit better and more digital in a way that is sensible.

Being open together

The world is constantly changing and forcing us to continually face new challenges. We are open to this change. And as a sparring partner, we are there whenever communication and digital solutions have to be rethought and redefined. We work holistically, strategically and conceptually. For brands, products, services. As a team with our customers.

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What’s new at open

  • Event | Communication Strategy
  • Design | Text | Film | Website/UX Design
  • Development | Hosting
Vans and Dance

It’s time to move again.

After more than a year of preparation, the time had come in September 2021: Vans and Dance, a charity event for the ballet and dance industry, amazed the audience. A total of 150 vans were positioned in front of the stage to ensure the event could take place Covid-safe. It was a magical evening with standing ovations – after all, the van offered plenty of space to do so. Go to website

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